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Brandon Seventh Day Adventist Church
6000 sq ft addition / 3000 ft Drive Thru Canopy
Brandon, FL

Classic Development and Construction brings a legacy of excellence to every project we undertake. No matter what role we fulfill, we have the expertise to complete your project in a timely, efficient manner. The reason has everything to do with teamwork—from the earliest planning stages through the final finishing touches. Together, we build confidence.




As a self-performing General Contractor, Classic Development and Construction joins your project team near the conclusion of the design phase, providing owners a traditional design-bid-build structure. Our team performs GC assignments on both a negotiated contract and bid basis.

As Construction Managers, Classic Development and Construction are prepared to provide service as either an owner's agent whereby the client holds all trade contracts, or on an "at-risk" basis where we become responsible for guaranteeing performance. Whichever is right for your project, we join your team through negotiated contract or the typical bid process and leverage our diverse experience to bring value to your project-achieving optimum cost, schedule, and, importantly, quality.


Classic Development and Construction has participated in a large number of highly successful design-build projects, acting as a single point of contact for the client during the design and construction phases. The design-build approach provides owners with an efficient way to interface with engineering, architectural, and construction team members early on, and facilitates an efficient, cost-effective parallel coordination structure.

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